Eye Of The Storm

Seeing the storm from my eyes.

Asmodeus #29: Pain

i stare at the vast sky trying to find pockets of midnight to store my pain in and cover it with stars to hide the scarlet letters that i wrote but never sent that i received but never read that... Continue Reading →


The Mystery Of The Missing Post

*takes out my twentieth century magnifying glass* Yes, Velma, I always carry a magnifying glass. Signs of a good detective. Anna - 1, Doubters - 0. Twas the night before Monday, when all through my blog Not a like was... Continue Reading →

Asmodeus #28: Rebellion

rebellion, bravery, defiance that's how i remember you fishnet stockings on almond skin cigarette stubs under the No Smoking sign slippery sidewalks and puddles of rain long sleeved sweaters and flip flops wandering over bridges with clouds of our breath... Continue Reading →

Asmodeus #27: Real Love

the melding colors of the sky washed down in tiny droplets and painted the roses in seven shades of the rainbow my sky was colorless even the thunder wouldn't cry but that's what "real love" is isn't it? fading colors... Continue Reading →

Asmodeus #26: King

a silent echo of resounding pain with a trembling breath i say your name i accept my fate as i slowly swing every legend ends with a dying king.

Asmodeus #25: Colored Words

i think it is a little ironical that i can write the saddest words in the brightest colors.

Asmodeus #24: Heal

so long i longed to say those words but my wounds are far too wide to be stitched back by screams so i pick up the pen and my words flow out from my fingertips because it's the only way... Continue Reading →

Asmodeus #23: Thinking

there is a risk in dwelling in this head space when you possess so much of it that i can't decipher whether it was your thought or i was simply thinking about you again.

Asmodeus #22: Light

fading to black had never been tough it was rising to the light that stumped me.

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