Eye Of The Storm

Seeing the storm from my eyes.


Strong is the will of those who don't break stronger still of those who break and spring back but those who suffer silently draped in a shroud of their own agony that trails behind their heads like a bridal train... Continue Reading →


The Real Testament #0

I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere. And yet, nobody wants to listen to me. I am literally the most ignored entity in the history of the universe. I can say that with conviction because I know everything. I also know... Continue Reading →

High Standards.

"You're going to be single for the rest of your life if your standards are so high!" "My standards are the lowest a person can have. My standards are literally no racism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny or anything like that. Basically... Continue Reading →


Old malice bites the air, old ravings rave again, though the hour has not yet struck. -Anna Akhmatova We deal with our minds in whatever way we can and form coping mechanisms that may or may not be healthy. That's... Continue Reading →

Asmodeus #43: Soft

they say girls should be soft but keep forgetting that the footsteps of predators are the softest before they pounce on their prey so being a girl i say, "run!" we're as soft as they come.


Existence (n.): in its most generic terms, it is the ability to, directly or indirectly, interact with reality or, in more specific cases, the universe.   painted lips and stuttering breaths cataclysms that destroyed morality we were well versed in... Continue Reading →

Asmodeus #42: The Truth

how brightly does your truth burn can it engulf their lies in flames? can it leave their accusations in ashes? or is it just a hearth that gives you assurance when you need it? how brightly does your truth burn?... Continue Reading →

Untitled (New York Unraveled #4)

Hi there! I have published the fourth part of the New York Unraveled series on Wattpad. You can read it here. It is the first LGBT+ novella of the series.   This is the fourth novella in a series of five... Continue Reading →


"Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation." -Walter Cronkite Is it a surprise that our ignorance and intolerance for what we don't understand (or don't deem important enough to understand)... Continue Reading →

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