I love how very randomly some people pop up in the world, declaring a particular section of society to be ‘inferior’ and ‘poisonous’. Coincidentally enough, these people never belong to those sections of the society. Miraculous, ain’t it? There was Hitler who wanted the Jews to please choose another universe if they liked living so much. Then all these terrorists who don’t want anyone but extremist Muslims to stay alive. And, of course, Genghis Khan who killed around 40 million people in his lifetime. Although, to be fair, he didn’t discriminate between castes and races. He killed anyone and everyone.

Now there’s this paradise of a republic called Chechnya where the authorities have decided that the homosexual people must receive the same treatment that Theon Greyjoy got.


Gay men are being rounded up and put into concentration camps where they undergo apathetic torture including, but not limited to, electric shocks, psychological abuse and forced bizarre quasi-sexual acts. This has been going on since February, 2017. February. We have had British MP’s signing in favor of Brexit bill, Adele winning another Grammy, Black Sabbath giving their last performance, a whole week of awkward Valentine’s cheesiness, discovery of 7 earth sized planets, USA’s attack on Afghanistan terrorist bases, USA’s missile attack on Syria, USA wanting to build a wall around Mexico, USA letting transgender people using restrooms of their choice… (Yeah, USA has a complex) But sure, let the gay men be tortured in the tiny country whose name we don’t know how to pronounce.

You want to be a bigot? Fine. What’s not fine is when your bigotry hurts other people. Tortures other people. Most of us don’t even understand the implication of the world ‘torture’. It means inflicting severe pain on someone. There’s pain and there’s watching another Final Destination movie and then there’s severe pain. That’s what these men are going through. Beyond Final Destination (yes, puns). And the leaders of Chechnya have a great response to this. They refuse to admit anything of the kind is happening because they refuse to admit that gay people even exist in their country.


*sigh* Politicians.

Listen to me. If you sound like a meme, abort mission. I mean it. Turn around and throw the mic at the guy who wrote your speech smack in the middle of his face. You’re the leader of a whole country. You can’t sound like a stoned guy whose philosophical video ended up on someone’s Snapchat story. What’s your answer for inflation? A Snoop Dogg song?

I’ve never been really good at gerography but pray tell me how a Russian Republic ended up in 1930s’ Germany. That’s why Hitler shouldn’t have been allowed in the line for reincarnation.

These are people. You can’t treat people that way. Your religion might  or might not condemn homosexuality (which I doubt it does but that’s a whole other rant) but it definitely condemns cruelty. There are people in that camp who have been stripped of their dignity, been forced into captivity, lost everything dear to them including most of their sanity. There are people who have died. Why? Because they loved differently than you?

Now you know why aliens don’t want to be found. We do NOT respond to anything different positively unless Beyonce is in it and I doubt Beyonce lives on Mars.

America’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has called for an investigation of this disastrous event which is being termed as the ‘gay purge’. It is receiving international attention. Many authority organisations, LGBT rights groups and human rights agencies are protesting against the atrocities and lend a hand to the victims.

If we just stand by while someone else gets hurt, we’re worse than the perpetrators of such violence. While the big birds do their thing on the higher level, let’s do our parts. Spread awareness. Let people know. Change.or has started a petition demanding a full investigation of all the facts about unlawful repression in Chechnya of LGBT population, punishment for the guilty parties and an end to the practice of extra-judicial violence and killings in the republic. You can fill this petition here.

This is 2017, not ancient Persia where things like scaphism mean a normal Monday morning. Please, let’s help those in need.