Eye Of The Storm

Seeing the storm from my eyes.


May 2017

Chivalry v. Feminism

BREAKING NEWS: CHIVALRY THREATENS FEMINISM AT GUNPOINT. It has been reported that Chivalry was accused of threatening Feminism at gunpoint. Feminism was found sobbing on the ground when the police was called. Filing in a report, it was in tears... Continue Reading →



Sometimes all we need are miracles. Something extraordinary. Something inexplicable. Something that breaks through the mundane walls of everyday life. A respite. A change. They ask me why I'm a dreamer. They don't know how much I believe in magic.... Continue Reading →

Past Midnight Ramblings #1

It's 2:25 am and I can't sleep. Well, to be fair, I'm supposed to be studying. I've got an end semester examination this Friday (which is why I haven't posted in so long) and five modules are coming and I... Continue Reading →

You Do You.

You have bad days. And that's okay. You have mood swings. And that's okay. Sometimes you don't feel like seeing the face of the person you love the most. And that's okay. Sometimes you want to scream into a pillow... Continue Reading →

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