From July 14 to July 21, my book, Untamed (New York Unraveled #1), will be available for a 67% discount!



It’s also available for a read-to-review for a limited time. Anyone interested can leave a comment describing the format you prefer and their email id.


Karen did not know what to do about her infatuation with her millionaire employer, Nathan Black. He could be irresistible and demanding, he could be tender and caring. It wasn’t right to be falling for her boss but she couldn’t help it. The question was- Would he be there to catch her?

Nathan did not know how, why or when he started to care about his personal secretary. After what had happened eight years ago, neither did he expect nor did he want to be falling for anyone. But then she came into his life and drunkenly made her way to his bed. Could he stop her from making her way to his heart?

It’s a short story that revolves around the billionaire and his secretary. It contains graphic sexual scenes and foul language. It is strongly advised for only those above the age of 18.

This is the first novella in a series of five.

It is now available in both paperback and ebook formats on Amazon.