I am blown away!

Firebloods is a book about a girl called Jude Gallagher and her crazy journey of discovering a supernatural species called Vatra U Krvi, aka, the Firebloods. If I tell you anything more, it will be a spoiler. Suffice it to know that it takes place over the course of a summer and is based on a different kind of species that exists because of the blood of another mythical species. Twisted? Yes. Mindblowing? Hell yes.

The writing style is commendable. It’s descriptive but not so much that it makes it boring; enough to have you hooked and make you imagine all sorts of stuff.

“A streak of lightning blinks through the sunroof. It shades Kane’s black hair with a blue hue for a split second.”

She describes emotions perfectly. There’s a certain talent in writing a protagonist that connects with the reader on a soulful level. I could almost feel as if I was Jude and all of my reactions genuinely synced with hers. Most of all, the turn of events was so…realistic. Even the drama. And oh, how I loved the sarcasm and witty banter.

The plot was intriguing from the get-go and had me hooked until the very end. It was truly a pleasure to have read this book. Thank you so much, Ms. Hays, for sharing your debut book with me for a review. I feel truly honored.

Now coming on to the characters. Number One: Jude. Fucking amazing. Her sense of humor was on point, her reactions were absolutely realistic and she was a truly strong character who thought things through and had good reasons behind her actions. She’s the kind of protagonist I would stand behind.

Number Two: KANE. Oh-my-god.


He was perfect- hot as all hell, smart, funny, loyal, an amazing friend and crazy about Jude. He’s the kind of guy every girl wants. The unflinching devotion and affection was real. I mean, the guy sat outside her porch a whole night during a thunderstorm to make sure she was fine and they were fine. Enough said.


He’s like a Taylor Swift song right there and I ship both of them so hard.

Number Three: Her best friends- Jonas, Devan and Frankie. They were all adorable as well. None of them were catty or too perfect. They each had their own stories and minds, things that make you make a character come out of the periphery. Interesting enough to be facilitators to the story but not so alluring that they take the focus away. I especially loved the connection that Jude had with each of them.

Overall, I’d recommend it to anyone who is into fantasy fiction and likes books with smart female characters.