Monarchy is set in a dystopian world where a ‘Monarchy’ rules a society divided into sectors after the world as we know it has fallen to ruins because of poverty, rage and destruction. It is very well written, accurately descriptive and the emotions are well expressed.

The characters had gradual development. The epiphanies of the protagnist were quite insightful. The romance between Cal and Constance had a realistic progression to it. The novel felt like a cross between Divergent and Hunger Games. Kind of like if Abnegation was divided into six sectors.

Most of all, it made me feel all the desolation and anger that the protagonist felt. You know how every books has an aura? This one put me in a gray shroud. And the torture that they had to endure just had me like-


The story was a little too predictable for me. Well written as it was, it didn’t put me on edge. Still, I loved the way it ended. That’s a definite Rick Riordan like cliffhanger. Well played, Ms. Pritchard, well played.


Recommended for everyone who is into dystopian novels.