That’s actually a pretty good summary of Feyre’s life.

A Court Of Thorns And Roses is a fantasy novel where the Fae and humans now live in a world separated by a magical wall after a big war between the two species occured. Feyre finds herself in an impossible situation where she either has to die or leave the human realm behind and live in the Fae world for the rest of her life. As the story progresses, she finds herself in way too deep in a twisted plot that could mean the end of the human species and slavery and torture for a lot of High Fae Lords for the rest of eternity. Ouch. No pressure though.

This book was exceptionally well written. The descriptions, the emotions, the places, the colors, the dilemmas- everything was eloquently written. Too well written, I must say, because I swear I lost my breath on every torturous scene. The sheer cruelty and humiliation that the protagonist- and everyone else- was deserving of 5/5 stars.

I loved that the protagonist, Feyre, was smart as a whip. Neither did she cry about her fate, nor did she butt head on into something without thinking and then blamed it on luck instead of her own stupidity. She was truly strong and I swear I’m in love with her.

The love interest, Tamlin, was a stand up kinda guy. He was actually genuinely nice all over. I got a Beauty and the Beast feel while I was reading him. He was awesome but he was way too much of a passive hero for me. I understood why but it didn’t catch my fancy too much.


The best thing about the book was that the evil characters were also understandable. Some people who seemed mean, like Lucien and Nesta, you eventually understand their reasons for being the way they are. They all have redeeming qualities. Except Amarantha, may she burn in the Cauldron.

It was too real, despite being a fantasy book. The way the author writes makes you feel each and every thing to your very core. The storyline is interesting, the characters are complicated, the chick is strong and sassy, literally everyone is hot as all holy hell and the character development is phenomenal.

I truly loved it, Loved, loved, loved it, even though it probably scarred me for life.


I would recommend it to literally everyone. READ IT.