Eye Of The Storm

Seeing the storm from my eyes.


August 2017

Asmodeus #5: Truth

he asked me how i felt i didn't say anything i wasn't lying.


Asmodeus #4: One Word

the lone red flower bloomed at midnight blood coloring its petals crimson dew dripping from the edge and yet no one noticed the river of annihilation the waves that lapped at their ankles screaming only word "help."

Asmodeus #3: Roses

the notes and trebles of your voice made flowers grow in my veins winter frosted up our strings but the roses still bloomed in the spring.

Asmodeus #2: Whiskey

torn pages and half drunk whiskey ask me how i am.

Asmodeus #1: Yearning

i write this with my right hand bruised with ink my left hand trembling with paroxysm my lips colored with the taste of art my breath in gasps of destructive anticipation my skin bathed in shadows of gemstones my heart... Continue Reading →

Asmodeus: An Introduction

The name Asmodeus is believed to be derived from the Avestan language, where it a combination of two words meaning 'wrath' and 'demon' or 'divine being'. According to the Renaissance Christians, Asmodeus was the King of Nine Hells. In Binsfield's... Continue Reading →

A Message From The Feminists

Dear Men, We're not the enemy. I know we formed a community and pushed for rights Rights that should have been ours in the first place. We took the most miniscule of injustices and brought them in the spotlight. We... Continue Reading →

In A Heartbeat

CUTE OVERLOAD. I can't believe I hadn't watched it till now. The internet was blowing up with this super cute LGBT short movie and I was just sitting at home, binging on The Ellen Show. I finally decided to watch... Continue Reading →

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