I can’t believe I hadn’t watched it till now. The internet was blowing up with this super cute LGBT short movie and I was just sitting at home, binging on The Ellen Show. I finally decided to watch it the other day and I swear to God, that might be the best decision I made this summer.

In A Heartbeat is a short animated film created by Beth David and Esteban Bravo. It shows the struggle of a little boy trying to hide his crush on another boy. The way the infatuation is portrayed- in the form of a physical heart that slips out of his chest and chases the boy- is hilarious and adorable.


The four minutes perfectly encapsulated the journey of anyone’s infatuation to a date. Even if you’re not LGBT, you will still relate to it. But the best thing about it was the struggle they showed that every gay person goes through. When the people sneer at them judgmentally, I legitimately tore up. It was harsh reality. Too real, man, too real.


Contrary to popular criticism, it is not meant to sexualize kids. It’s just a cute story about two boys who fall in love. That’s it. And I swear seeing it would not turn you gay or anything. Let’s grow up a little, shall we?

A good piece of art makes you feel a plethora of emotions. This film made me stare at the screen of my laptop with a giddy smile, almost cry and then grin ear to ear like a maniac. I would recommend it to literally everyone!


In A Heartbeat, people. Note it down.