The name Asmodeus is believed to be derived from the Avestan language, where it a combination of two words meaning ‘wrath’ and ‘demon’ or ‘divine being’.

According to the Renaissance Christians, Asmodeus was the King of Nine Hells. In Binsfield’s classification of demons, he is said to be one of the seven princes of hell. Each of these princes signified one of the seven deadly sins. Asmodeus signified the sin of Lust. In Jewish and Islamic lore, he is the king of demons.

In summary, he is the primary antagonist, the evil of all evils, and maybe that is why the name attracted me so much.

I believe poetry comes from two places- either in appreciation of beauty or in rendition of darkness. My poetry has always stemmed from an inscrutable rage, pain, loneliness or just plain exhaustion. I write about shadows with colorful pens and curly fonts. Poetry is supposed to be truth, right?

I will be posting pieces of poetry that are grouped under a collection named Asmodeus. I hope that you don’t see yourself reflected in the curves of my letters. And if you do, I hope you find your way through after the final full stop.