Eye Of The Storm

Seeing the storm from my eyes.


November 2017

Unfinished (New York Unraveled #3)

Hi there! I have published the third part of the New York Unraveled series on Wattpad. You can read it here. This is the third novella in a series of five but can be read as a standalone too. Stuart... Continue Reading →


Asmodeus #35: Words

words set aflame in the shadows of whispers i can feel it crouch over my shoulder gently take my hand and guide it over the page like the sound of an ocean inside a seashell convincing you that you hold... Continue Reading →

Do Me A Favor, Teach Me

"Your generation has no respect for their teachers at all! When we were your age, we wouldn't even dream of saying half the things you guys actually do," said almost every parent ever. Well, here's the thing, Patricia. When I... Continue Reading →

The How To Peace Guide

1. Let others do whatever they want to. If it doesn't concern you, it's not your problem. 2. Unless someone else's actions are directly hurting your life, liberty, dignity or basic rights, your opinion on it doesn't matter. Just kidding!... Continue Reading →

Asmodeus #34: Little Lamb

mary had a little lamb its fleece was white as snow mary tied a collar on its neck it had nowhere to go mary had a little lamb that grinned so wide it hurt mary hid its cuts and bruises... Continue Reading →

Asmodeus #33: Barn

everyone knew where my brother had gone to the screaming barn where all the favorites were taken.   from the barn, he sent a doll if you squeezed its heart, it sang a song there's a man goin' round takin'... Continue Reading →

Asmodeus #32: Alone

let us walk alone some of us are destined to prowl and pounce not hold hands during the storm it gets messy after a while but you wouldn't know you never learnt to dot your i's.

Asmodeus #31: Pandora’s Box

i was taught to cope humans are constructed like that but i learnt from a young age that smoke always escapes so i try to find the silver threads tied around pandora's box why don't i open it myself?

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