“Your generation has no respect for their teachers at all! When we were your age, we wouldn’t even dream of saying half the things you guys actually do,” said almost every parent ever.

Well, here’s the thing, Patricia. When I find a teacher who actually gives me good knowledge and doesn’t act like it is beneath her to be giving said knowledge, I give the damn respect. But just like good knowledge, these teachers come but once in a blue moon. There is a reason I love Dead Poets Society. Fiction is the only place where things turn out okay in the end, where selflessness and passion exists unconditionally, where knowledge is revered and light vs dark is a black vs white concept.


Hi, I’m a nerd. I love learning. If behind Door A is a bar with free drinks and behind Door B is a library or classroom where something new is being taught, I will choose Door B without hesitation. I consume knowledge. It is one of the best things in the world. Naturally, one of my biggest pet peeves is teachers who became teachers because their career has taken a nosedive.


We are being put into a system that churns out perfectly neat packages of customized skilled robots to be put into another system where robots are smashed down. We are being taught to march of the rhythm of the piedpiper, even if it leads us off the cliff. Thanks, education, at least I’ll know how to simplify algebraic expressions when my company is on the verge of being bankrupt. Good job.

I know this is a rant but it’s high time someone said this. Higher education does not guarantee success or make you superior to others. It can be pretty pointless, especially if we aren’t being taught the actual skills we will need in the future in our career. It can cause high levels of anxiety in trying to keep up with pointless school work, competitiveness, and exam stress. It wastes precious years of life when we could be changing the world.

Now don’t get me wrong. A lot of professions do require a certain amount of education and a professional degree. For example, you won’t trust a doc to operate on your heart if s/he hasn’t got a decade of education, fancy degrees and titles, and glowing recommendations. But professions like business management or fashion designing can be mastered without spending hundreds of thousands of bucks on tuition fee.

The worst part is that even after paying all this money, there are three kinds of professors currently teaching me:

  1. The Casanova: Need dick. Get me dick. Girls stay away. Imma just flirt. (Or consequently, need pussy.)
  2. The Lazy Daisy: My ass and this chair have a deeply intimate relationship that I cannot disturb. Y’all just study on your own. I’ll send the ppts.
  3. The Holier-Than-Thou: I’m better than all of you pansy ass douchebags. If I say the wall is blue, then the wall is blue. And that’s all for today.


I’m exhausted of going through the routine and wasting my life trying to grasp at straws of something that I can use when nobody wants to share their milkshake. There are no more boys coming to the yard, Kelly. Sorry.


And I would totally drop out. I would. But society has formed all these judgments around drop outs and peeps who don’t have an Ivy League education that you can’t even do what serves you without a major social backlash. Talk about unfair.

Anyway. my whole point is, why teach when you don’t want to? Why ruin a kid’s life because you’re a bitter old person with intense contempt for anyone who still had a chance at life?

If education was a movie, I would give it half a star out of five. And the half star is for attempting the question. Anna out. *mic drop*