You know how our elders teach us that we should treat all people the same way, regardless of their caste, color, religion, gender, etc? (Well, most of the elders. Can’t vouch for the racist uncle after two pegs of whiskey.) Apparently the same thing applies to our internet as well. Treat all websites and content the same way.

*clears throat*

James 2:9

But if you show partiality, you are committing sin and are convicted by the law as transgressors.

*clears throat again*


Yep. Bye bye, free access to all websites. Bye bye, Sir Google who has been there whenever we needed assistance in plagiarizing assignments. Bye bye, fangirling. Bye bye, movies and TV shows online.  You wanted to be a famous blogger? You better have some cash hiding down your sleeve cuz boy-oh-boy you’re screwed.

What else? Oh, yes. Bye bye, porn. Of course, Trump doesn’t need to worry about restrictions to porn. He don’t need no assistance. Have you seen the guy’s handshake?


He gave vague statements about Nazis where he ended up supporting them. We took it. He said lewd things about women. We’re still here. He supported a child molester (allegedly) and we powered through it. BUT NOW HE TOOK AWAY INTERNET.

Even Netflix is like, “Bro, you got no chill.”


USA always exceeds expectations. I keep thinking Trump can’t be worse and…well… I’d like to be right just once.

Making him the President wasn’t the worst part. Making him the President of the hegemonic country was. You know what happens when he does something stupid? The other countries think, “Hmm, sounds good. Let’s get this show on the road.”


But who cares? Pretty soon, all the wonderful people in the great US of A won’t be able to see this blog post anyway.