5/10 stars.

Connor Franta is one of my favorite YouTubers and his debut book, A Work In Progress, was one of the best memoirs I’d ever read. His struggle with coming out, becoming a professional in an unconventional field and being an introvert in a career meant for extroverts is truly inspiring. His struggle to accept his identity and personal growth is a relatable journey for many people.


But with Note To Self, I was highly disappointed. It lacked a certain sophistication that was present in the earlier books. All the asterisk actions were frustrating and broke the flow of the sentence. *huffs in irritation* And, frankly, the book offered nothing new. The writing style wasn’t exemplary, the way the words were framed wasn’t anything different, the thoughts put out weren’t novel.

And the poems… No offense, Connor, but this isn’t your cup of tea.


There were a couple of poems that were still fine. Not particularly good. Just fineeee.

today my heart was ripped in two
one half for me, one half for you
take a half and keep it near
i have mine and will always be here
crossing paths before the end
once a lover, forever a friend


in those moments

we are overcome with feeling

warmly embraced by fate

the soft kiss of no expectations

a greeting of peace

a message of hope

sweet serenity

leaks from pore and palm

nothing can go wrong

everything is alright





There were one or two more that I liked from a completely objective non-fangirl point of view. Apart from that, NO. I was physically cringing.

The one thing I loved about the book, which I always love where Connor is concerned, is the photography. The pictures were absolutely exquisite. Some of them were aesthetic in a way that made you want to make a wallpaper of them. Some of them were deep and dark that you could psychoanalyze and write essays about. All of them were beautiful. If it was a book of pictures alone, I would have given it 12/10 stars.

Overall, it was a quick, light read. I’d recommend it to all his fans, people struggling with their sexuality and even the ones just looking for a little motivation to get up that day and go to work.