Justlgbtstuff is an instagram blog with pictures in support of the queer community and POC. They’re hilarious but they’re also inspirational and uplifting and honestly just SO MUCH FEELS :”) #relatable

Anyway, I mention them because on December 31, 2017, they posted a picture with a really powerful message.


And wouldn’t you know it, it was immediately misinterpreted by some grade A asshole in the comments. And no, I’m not going to blur out the user id of the person. Cuz fuck you. You don’t get to be ignorant and homophobic and stay in a blissful hideout.


For all the other bigoted douchenozzles out there who might be confused or already ready with their fingers hovering over their keyboards like an evil cartoon villain to type out a rant or how that bitch ⬆️ is right…


Being Gay Not A Choice: Science Contradicts Ben Carson – LiveScience

Need More Proof Being Gay Isn’t A Choice? Here It Is! – Huffington Post

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Ben Carson And Homosexuality: How Science Proves Him Wrong – Time

It’s 2018, people. We shouldn’t be having this discussion anymore. I don’t want to have this discussion anymore. It’s not a choice. And if it were, most queer people would prefer to be cis and straight. There are still 10 countries where homosexuality is punishable by death and many more where it is illegal or still a taboo.


Look at this. Who the fuck would choose to be thrown into a community that is targeted, prejudiced, ostracized, berated, mocked, cursed and sometimes even put behind bars merely for their existence?

“Yes, Mommie, give me the knife so I can kill myself and become a ghostie too. Yaaaay!”

Reading all those comments in response to @confusionzaj disheartened me, not just because so many people’s sentiments were hurt but also because all of them said that if it was a choice, they wouldn’t take it. Just like most women in forced marriages say that if there was a choice for the penis, they wouldn’t take it.


We do not have the right to call ourselves a modern, democratic or safe society until each and every person, regardless of gender, race, color or sexual orientation feels secure and happy with their identity. Don’t fool yourself. We’re still living in a shithole.

And if you still think it’s a choice, I dare you to turn gay. Just once. Have sex with someone of the same gender and like it. And then turn straight again. It’s that simple, right?

Our sexual orientation or identity does not have an on-off switch. But your hate sure as fuck does. Guess who’s the asshole?