I saw a vase of flowers lying on one of the outdoor tables of a preppy looking restaurant. They were beautiful purple flowers standing tall, elegant, graceful. They were the sort of flowers you see on the cover of home depot magazines, placed subtly on an expensive coffee table to make it look inviting to the customers. And then I saw their reflection in the glass. It was faded, dull, like a cheap version of what it was really supposed to be. It looked like a badly edited picture clicked by a poor quality camera, not the resplendent violet cluster of petals swaying in the gentle breeze.

I thought about the flowers a lot. A reflection could make even the most gorgeous things look like knockoffs. And just like that reflection, we never understand how beautiful we are. That is why we look into the eyes of someone who loves us and see awe but look in the mirror and see disgust, why we a diamond glints in the sunlight but the rainbows it makes are always bent and curved. Our reflections betray us and we keep letting them.

Maybe it’s time I threw out my mirrors.