She should have stayed at home
In the kitchen
And cooked food for the family
But she went out
Wearing jeans and a full sleeve top
And so fate handed it to her
She was asking for it.
She should have thought about her family’s “dignity”
And worn clothes that hid every inch of her skin
But she went out
With her eyes visible from the burqa
And so fate handed it to her
She was asking for it.
She was screaming and begging for help
But the people passing by steered far away
Because help would come later in the form of candle marches
Until then, society shrugged
She was asking for it.
She lost her pride, her innocence, her self-respect
And got kicked out of the house for acting ‘provocative’
Her faith in humanity was lost
But when she was lying on the hospital bed
And bleeding inside herself
Newspapers reported-
Was she asking for it?
I wrote that poem a long time ago and I thought this would be an appropriate time for a throwback. Through centuries, women have been oppressed, manipulated, denied, tortured, brainwashed and degraded. Now, in the wake of various movements across the globe, we stand in the midst of the crossroads of an era. Things are changing and we have a front row seat to the new age of equality. No more silence, no more suffering.
Happy women’s day, ladies!
Cover photo source: ‘Dear Brock Turner’ photo series by Yana Mazurkevich