Hi there! I have published the fourth part of the New York Unraveled series on Wattpad. You can read it here. It is the first LGBT+ novella of the series.


This is the fourth novella in a series of five but can be read as a standalone too.

Nothing good comes out of death and destruction. Or does it? In this novella based in New York, there is more than the city that never sleeps.

What happens when the worlds of two equally headstrong men collide?

Ajax, a psychiatrist with an orphanage for kids with mental disorders that means more to him than the world. When asked to organize the funeral for his mentee and his girlfriend who died under suspicious circumstances, he bumps in to his mentee’s older brother who proves to be more heartbreakingly handsome than he is a handful.

Emmett, a Private in the American army that has barely survived a dangerous mission, only to lose his entire family to when he came back home. As his own demons haunt him, he readily accepts the help of the good samaritan Doctory Dreamy, although he doesn’t understand why he wants to help him.

Both of their lives change radically from that day forward. As they figure out their feelings for each other, they are forced to conquer the ghosts of the past. The question is, by the time the war is over, will they come out alive?

Please check it out and let me know how you find it! All sorts of criticism are welcome. For real, I just get ecstatic if someone even reads it. I’ll be super grateful. 50K words, raunchy sex and a couple that will make you blush- it has it all (even if I do say so myself).

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