Old malice bites the air, old ravings rave again, though the hour has not yet struck.

-Anna Akhmatova

We deal with our minds in whatever way we can and form coping mechanisms that may or may not be healthy. That’s okay. Desperate times, desperate measures. It’s called survival and there’s nothing wrong with it. Eventually, our wounds heal and we let go of the crutches that held us up in our difficult times. But sometimes, when the tide rises again, our scars itch and there’s a familiar craving to go back to those habits. It’s an enticing prospect- and a very easy one too.

Don’t do it.

I understand the temptation to dive in seas that you know how to swim in but it will not help you. All it will do is strip away everything you worked for all this time. My crutch was a sharp blade and fragile skin. I’ve been clear for more than a year now. Trust me, it feels amazing. Reverting to old habits for the sake of a one-time relief just isn’t worth it.