Eye Of The Storm

Seeing the storm from my eyes.



Note To Self by Connor Franta

5/10 stars. Connor Franta is one of my favorite YouTubers and his debut book, A Work In Progress, was one of the best memoirs I'd ever read. His struggle with coming out, becoming a professional in an unconventional field and... Continue Reading →


In A Heartbeat

CUTE OVERLOAD. I can't believe I hadn't watched it till now. The internet was blowing up with this super cute LGBT short movie and I was just sitting at home, binging on The Ellen Show. I finally decided to watch... Continue Reading →

A Court Of Thorns And Roses by Sarah J. Maas

That's actually a pretty good summary of Feyre's life. A Court Of Thorns And Roses is a fantasy novel where the Fae and humans now live in a world separated by a magical wall after a big war between the... Continue Reading →

Monarchy by Laura Pritchard

Monarchy is set in a dystopian world where a 'Monarchy' rules a society divided into sectors after the world as we know it has fallen to ruins because of poverty, rage and destruction. It is very well written, accurately descriptive... Continue Reading →

Firebloods by Casey Hays

I am blown away! Firebloods is a book about a girl called Jude Gallagher and her crazy journey of discovering a supernatural species called Vatra U Krvi, aka, the Firebloods. If I tell you anything more, it will be a spoiler.... Continue Reading →

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