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Writer’s Block (Yes, Puns)

Comparing Books To Reality #2: The Third Party Bitchiness Syndrome

Have you ever noticed typical romances have a few characteristics in common? Let's talk about one of those today- The Third Party Bitchiness Syndrome. Really bums me out. So I'm gonna rant about it. Girl meets boy. Initially thinks he's... Continue Reading →



I could die tomorrow. He keeps telling me I'm like a flower that needs sunshine and rain and a shed over my head that protects me from the thunder. I have thorns inside my petals that sting the wild dogs... Continue Reading →


I saw a vase of flowers lying on one of the outdoor tables of a preppy looking restaurant. They were beautiful purple flowers standing tall, elegant, graceful. They were the sort of flowers you see on the cover of home... Continue Reading →



Closed eyes. There’s not much to see here. Just to feel. Too much to feel. Closed veins. If I don’t keep them pinched, all my blood might pour out like the fountain of youth that can choke you in its... Continue Reading →


Deck The Halls

Belated Merry Christmas y'all! Since the holiday season is here, I released a new Christmas-themed novella on Wattpad. Anybody who is interested in a funny, light-hearted romance novel with snowflakes and mistletoe, this is the perfect book to spend an... Continue Reading →


Unfinished (New York Unraveled #3)

Hi there! I have published the third part of the New York Unraveled series on Wattpad. You can read it here. This is the third novella in a series of five but can be read as a standalone too. Stuart... Continue Reading →


Comparing Books To Reality #1: Alpha Males

Ingredients Of Almost Every Erotica: Alpha Male- hot, dominating, an asshole with a dark past A feisty submissive woman who takes all the shit the Alpha Male doles out and still falls in love with him Hot, raunchy sex which... Continue Reading →


Creativity v/s Society

Oftentimes it happens that we get superb ideas that if out put to the world, chances are that the response is going to be getting spammed with hate comments. Or there are times when we're writing about a delicate subject... Continue Reading →


Discount For A Limited Time

From July 14 to July 21, my book, Untamed (New York Unraveled #1), will be available for a 67% discount! GET IT HERE. It's also available for a read-to-review for a limited time. Anyone interested can leave a comment describing... Continue Reading →


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