Eye Of The Storm

Seeing the storm from my eyes.


I saw a vase of flowers lying on one of the outdoor tables of a preppy looking restaurant. They were beautiful purple flowers standing tall, elegant, graceful. They were the sort of flowers you see on the cover of home... Continue Reading →



Closed eyes. There’s not much to see here. Just to feel. Too much to feel. Closed veins. If I don’t keep them pinched, all my blood might pour out like the fountain of youth that can choke you in its... Continue Reading →

Asmodeus #40: Goodbyes

you parted my lips with breaths of promises but i can still see the footsteps in the snow leading out of our house- sorry, my house- and for a while, the winter seemed too harsh like the cold would swallow... Continue Reading →

Where My Choice At?

Justlgbtstuff is an instagram blog with pictures in support of the queer community and POC. They're hilarious but they're also inspirational and uplifting and honestly just SO MUCH FEELS :") #relatable Anyway, I mention them because on December 31, 2017,... Continue Reading →

Asmodeus #39: Savior

they asked her to leave the carriage awaited there were storms to be conquered and wars to be won so drench her in flowers and bury her in silk while they pick up the swords and charge into the clouds... Continue Reading →

Note To Self by Connor Franta

5/10 stars. Connor Franta is one of my favorite YouTubers and his debut book, A Work In Progress, was one of the best memoirs I'd ever read. His struggle with coming out, becoming a professional in an unconventional field and... Continue Reading →

Asmodeus #38: Broken

"you're not broken," he said "you're mine" soon i couldn't distinguish between the two.

Deck The Halls

Belated Merry Christmas y'all! Since the holiday season is here, I released a new Christmas-themed novella on Wattpad. Anybody who is interested in a funny, light-hearted romance novel with snowflakes and mistletoe, this is the perfect book to spend an... Continue Reading →

Asmodeus #37: What If

how are we supposed to live without fear when before every step we ask what if? here's the secret ditch the plan b you can't swim across the shore dragging a lifeboat along.

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